Get changed in our well-appointed men’s and women’s locker rooms and then relax in our sauna: your choice of European or Far Infrared sauna.

European Wet Sauna – Enhance your therapeutic experience with a visit to our wet sauna and locker room, before or after your treatments or anytime. Renew and replenish.

  • With Treatment  ♦ $15
  • Without  ♦ $20

Far Infrared Sauna – Experience cellular detoxification with minimal heat. Great for pain relief and weight loss. Recommended for those with compromised immune systems.

  • One session ♦ $20  /  bring your own towel ♦ $17
  • Ten sessions  ♦ $180  /  bring your own towel  ♦ $153

Far Infrared Detox Foot Bath

  • 30 minutes ♦ $65
  • Combine this with the Far Infrared Sauna and receive 10% off. Buy a 10 pack of both and receive 20% off.