Water Body Therapies

Discover for yourself what the ancients knew about the healing properties of water-body therapies in our dedicated wet room.
This is what makes us an authentic spa.

Salt Glow – Make your skin feel soft and radiant. We use the finest Dead Sea Salt for exfoliation and re-mineralization, followed by a light application with organic body lotion. Antioxidant Body Polish is available for sensitive skin. Sauna included.

  • 25 min  ♦ $70
  • 50 min ♦ $120

Bindi – Promote circulation, cell regeneration and relaxation with this bodywork that combines marine algae exfoliation, essential oil wrap and light massage. Sauna included.

  • 80 min ♦ $175

Seaweed Therapy – Restore and rehydrate your skin with minerals and gifts from the sea. Provides re-hydrating moisture for dry skin. We use organic Bladderwrack from France that is known for its regenerative effects. Sauna included.

  • 50 min ♦ $120

Herbal Body Wrap – Boost your energy with organic detoxifying and anti-oxidant herbs. Catnip leaf, Elder flower and Calendula help to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system for renewed energy. Sauna included.

  • 50 min ♦ $120



Strong House Body Mud – Absorb superior deep cleansing from a powerful combination of two vital skin-nurturing muds: European Moor and Dead Sea Mud. Organic essential oils assist deep skin penetration to absorb and extract toxins. Sauna included.

  • 50 min ♦  $120

Fangotherapy – Speed recovery of stressed muscle tissue with this combination of seaweed and mud whose rich protein and minerals extract toxins. Sauna included.

  • 50 min ♦ $120