Green Spa Network

The Strong House Spa is proud to be one of the founding Seed Spa members dedicated to bringing sustainable practices to the spa industry through the Green Spa Network. We have passed environmental assessments from the private sector as well as the State of Vermont and are committed to continued green initiatives throughout our facility.

We have been dedicated to organic products and services, green building practices and energy conservation since we opened in 1992. As our mission statement states, we view our spa visits as healing opportunities, in a safe and healing environment that simultaneously honors the patient and practitioner. Grounded in holistic wellness, being green is simply another way we can demonstrate how we support our mission.

We have on site well water with a pH of 7. Our waste water is also on site and undergoes yearly maintainance. We recycle all paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, packing material and have discontinued purchasing bottled water. We use only green cleaning and laundry products and are experimenting with new technology that will help to eliminate the use of all laundry products. We teach our staff to be aware of waste and think about ways to save energy and resources.

Part of the sustainable movement includes body and mind practices that enhance our life experience while contributing to environmental stability for a healthy planet. We hope that our facility will enable our clients to participate in this goal.

We invite you to share our mission and experience our spa.